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  • Shenzhen International Bioindustry Valley·Life Science Industrial Park

  • Shenzhen Institute of Breeding and Innovation of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

  • Nan'ao Moon Bay

  • Baguang Core Area of the International Bio-Valley

  • Seven Star Yacht Club

  • Kaisa City Plaza

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Investment Environment
Industrial News

Shenzhen to have full 5G coverage by August next year 2019-12-05

Shenzhen will have built 45,000 5G base stations and be fully covered by 5G networks with measured peak spee...

Roche-Hongmed Infagen Precision Medicine Joint Innovation Center established 2019-10-24

The life department of Roche Life Science has recently joined hands with Hongmed-Infagen to establish the Ro...

Dapeng set to launch B&B registration in October 2019-09-17

Dapeng New District will initiate the registration of bed-and-breakfast inns (B&Bs) starting October, accord...

Success Stories

Shenzhen International Bio-Valley Dapeng Marine Bio-Industry Park

Baguang Core Area of the International Bio-Valley

Dapeng Kaisa Plaza

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