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Views of Baguang Village

Baguang Village in Dapeng New District is a Hakka village with numerous ancient trees. There are many silvery trees and banyan trees of over hundreds of years in this village.

Laver seaweed booming off SZ’s east coast

Hai Chai Jiao is located at the eastern end of Dapeng Peninsula, possessing magnificent yet treacherous terrain.

Embracing blue water at 13th China Cup in Dapeng

In the coolness of November, Shenzhen's Daya Bay in Dapeng New District was filled with the masts of hundreds of competing boats.

Nan'ao dragon boat race

Eighteen teams from Hong Kong, Macao, Dongguan, Guangzhou and Nan’ao contested for the honor of winning the 2019 Dapeng New District Nan’ao Dragon Boat Invitational Contest in Moon Bay, Dapeng New District on June 6.

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