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The old headquarters of the Dongjiang Troop, which was built in 1912, was opened to the public to commemorate their val...

Sprawling 110,000 square meters on the shoreline of the district, the fortress is the most complete military fortress o...

Xichong is located within Dapeng National Park, a recreational and scenic area.

As the best-developed resort in Dapeng, there are many leisure activities and facilities offered at the beach.

Yangmeikeng Strawberry Garden boasts beautiful scenery because of its coastal location.

Fortunately for summer lovers, if you are living in Shenzhen, you don't need to travel all the way to Phuket or the Maldives; there are several diving spots right here just waiting to be discovered.

Nan'ao Seafood

There are two places to eat seafood in Nan'ao. One is the seafront corridor at the Nan'ao Shuangyong wharf, and the other is Shui Tau Seafood Street, which is just across the road from th...


When it is cooked, seasoned with oil and salt then it is ready to eat. The locals call this action to shake coconut shells is“瀨”. The rice flour made by this method is “瀨粉仔.”

Three fried food

Dip one piece in cranberry sauce, this nourishing and mouthwatering food is irresistible.

New Year Marathon

The route starts at Dapeng Peninsula Geopark and runs along the picturesque Daya Bay coast.

China Cup Internati...

China Cup International Regatta has been named as "The Top Sailing Competition in Asia" five times.

Homestay hostels

There are a lot of homestay hostels with various decoration styles sitting quietly on the coast of Jiaochangwei, Yangme...

Lavenna Resort Judiaosha, ...

The 150-thousand-square-meter South East Asian styles tropical garden enables you a peaceful eco-leisure time.

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Go...

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Golden Bay offers 325 spacious guest rooms and suites, featuring panoramic sea views, as well a...

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